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Ham, Ken Is Genesis Relevant Today? (#1 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken Did God Create in 6 Literal Days? (#2 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken Why is there Death & Suffering? (#3 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken Is There Really a God? (#4 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken Do Animals Evolve? (#5 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken Where Did the “Races” Come From? (#6 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken What is the Only Answer to Racism? (#7 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken Dinosaurs in the Bible? (#8 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken How Can We Raise Godly Children? (#9 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken Fossils & the Flood: What’s the Connection? (#10 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken How Can We Evangelize a Secular World? Part 1 (#11 in series) – 1 DVD
Ham, Ken How Can We Evangelize a Secular World? Part 2 (#12 in series) – 1 DVD
Illustra Media Unlocking the Mystery of Life – 1 DVD
Strobel, Lee The Case for Christ – 1 DVD
Strobel, Lee The Case for Faith – 1 DVD
Bevere, John Affabel (4 DVD series)
Bevere, John Bait of Satan (2 DVD sets + lesson & answer sheets)
Bevere, John Driven by Eternity (4 DVDs, 1 book and 1 workbook/devotional)
Bevere, John Honor’s Reward (6 CDs, 4 DVDs, 1 book & 1 workbook)
Bevere, John Heart Aflame
Bevere, John Good or God
Bevere, John The Fear of the Lord (1 DVD set)
Bevere, John The Holy Spirit (2 DVD sets, 1 poster & 1 leaders’ guide)
Burns Family Studios Beyond the Mask (1 DVD)
Christ for all Nations Full Flame: Reinhard Bonnke (4 DVDs/8 sessions)
Cloud & Townsend Boundaries (DVD, leader’s guide, participant’s guide & books)
Copeland, Gloria To Know Him (6 books)
Donaldson/Horn 50 Tough Questions (1 book)
Eldridge, John Epic (1 book  & DVD set)
Eastman/Wendorff/Lee-Thorp Surrendering Your Life For God’s Pleasure (6 sessions on Worship) – 1 book
Eastman/Wendorff/Lee-Thorp Growing to Be Like Christ (6 sessions on Discipleship) – 1 book
Eastman/Wendorff/Lee-Thorp Connecting With God’s Family (6 sessions on Fellowship) – 1 book
Eastman/Wendorff/Lee-Thorp Sharing Your Life Missions Every Day (6 sessions on Evangelism) – 1 book
Eastman/Wendorff/Lee-Thorp Developing Your Shape To Serve Others (6 sessions on Ministry) – 1 book
Focus on the Family With All Your Heart (1 book)
Helweg, Virginia Draw My Heart After You (3 books)
Hybels, Bill Who You Are When No One’s Looking (1 book)
Ingram, Chip Living On The Edge (1 book)
Ingram, Chip True Spirituality According to Jesus (4 books)
Jacobson, Arni The Favor Factor (1 book)
Jakes, T.D. Loved By God (DVD #1)
Jakes, T.D. Experiencing Jesus (DVD #2)
Jakes, T.D. Intimacy With God (DVD #3)
Jakes, T.D. Life Overflowing (DVD #4)
Jakes, T.D. T.D. Jakes Classics (DVD for volume 1 is missing)
Leaf, Dr. Caroline Switch On Your Brain (2DVD sets)
Leaf, Dr. Caroline Who Switched Off My Brain? (1 book & 1 DVD set)
Liardon, Roberts 3rd Degree Burn – How You Can Burn Hotter For God (1 small book)
McDonald, James I Really Want to Change…So, Help Me God (DVD series, 1 book)
Meyer, Joyce Establishing Boundaries in Relationships (3 DVD sets)
Morgan, Robert Crisis 101 (1 complete DVD kit)
Ortberg, John If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat (1 wkbk/1 book)
Ortberg, John The Life You’ve Always Wanted
Robertson & Howard Faith Commander (DVD series)
Sherwood Pictures Facing the Giants (movie)
Smoke, Jim Forgiveness (1 VHS)
Stanley, Andy How to Listen to God (1 book)
Stanley, Andy It Came From Within (DVD)
Stanley, Andy Take It To The Limit (1 study guide & 6-week DVD)
Warren, Rick 40-Days of Purpose (1 transcript/1 sm. grp guide/1 sm. grp. curriculum/3 VHS tapes)
Warren, Rick Purpose-Driven Life (2 books)
Warren, Rick The Purpose-Driven Church (1 book)
Gospel Publishing Living In The Spirit (8 books/7 lesson folders/DVDs
Hood, Dr. Kregg Take God at His Word
Morris, Robert The Blessed Life (Leader’s Manual/study guides/DVDs)
Church Initiative DivorceCare for Adults (DVDs/files/workbooks/leader kit)
Church Initiative Stories for Kids in Divorce
Lotz, Anne Graham The Vision of His Glory
Rusten, E. Michael The End Times
Stevens, R. Paul End Times
CMM Reach Out In Friendship (1 booklet)
Hybels, Bill Just Walk Across The room
Irwin, David K. What Christans Need To Know About Muslims (2 booklets)
Kingsriter, Del Questions Muslims Ask (1 booklet)
Kingsriter, Del Journey to Understanding (1 booklet)
Mittelberg/Strobel/Hybels Becoming A Contagious Christian (1 youth & 2 adult sets)
Peck, Ron The Shadow of the Crescent
Qureshi, Nabeel No God But One
Qureshi, Nabeel Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (1 book)
Richardson, Tom Bring Someone With You
Patrick/Carter For The City (1 book)
Blackaby, Tom & Kim The Family God Uses
Bluefish/Doug Fields Home Hurts (Revolution 2 series – Disk 1)
Bluefish/Doug Fields Smart Dating (Revolution 2 series – Disk 2)
Bluefish/Doug Fields Why Me? (Revolution 2 series – Disk 3)
Bluefish/Doug Fields One Decision Away (Revolution 2 series – Disk 4)
Bluefish/Doug Fields The Least of These (Revolution 2 series – Disk 5)
Chapman, Gary The Five Love Languages of Teenagers (1 DVD pack/3 books)
Dobson, Dr. James Preparing for Adolescence (5 books)
Dobson, Dr. James Bringing Up Boys (3 books/1 video seminar set, 1 DVD, radio promo CD, 2 posters))
Eastwind Films Most (DVD movie)
Faber & Mazlish How To Talk So Kids Will Listen (1 book/1 DVD/extra materials)
Faber & Mazlish How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk (1 book)
Focus on the Family Essentials of Discipline (DVD & VHS vidoe seminar sets)
Layton, Dian The Young God Chasers (1 manual)
Lifeway Leading A Child To Christ
McDowell, Josh The Disconnected Generation
McDowell, Josh Friendship 911 Workbook
McDowell, Josh Truth Matters (VHS/13 books/3 leaders’ guides)
MOPS/MOPPETS We See That Glimmer In Your Eye (3 manuals)
MOPS/MOPPETS What’s In The Bible? (1 DVD)
McDowell, Josh Youth In Crisis
Peretti, Frank No More Victims
Sony Courageous (movie)
Stanley/Joiner Parental Guidance Required
Trent, Dr. John Christian Parenting
Wilson, Rodney & Selma The Parent Adventure
Barton, Randall Discovering Financial Success (leader’s guide & workbook)
Burkett, Larry How To Manage Your Money (1 workbook)
Clark, E.M. How To Be Happy Giving Your Money Away (11 books)
Clayton, Christal How To Invest Money With God (2 books)
Crown Financial Ministries Biblical Financial Study (1 book/2 DVDs)
Emerald Publications The Complete Financial Management Workshop (1 workbook)
Hutton, Dr. Larry Internal Affairs (3 books)
Keesee, Gary The NOW Revolution 2.0 (2 DVDs)
Ramsey, Dave Financial Peace University (2 DVDs/1 ldr guide/2 extra DVD sets/questionnaires/info guide)
Ramsey, Dave The Total Money Makeover (1 book)
Towner/Tofilon Good Sense Budget Course
Church Initiative GriefShare: Grief recovery support group (workbooks/DVDs/leader kit/etc.)
Baker, John Getting Right with God, Yourself, and Others
Colbert, Don (MD) The Seven Pillars of Health (1 DVD/1 workbook/1 book)
Crossland, Don A Journey Toward Wholeness (2 booklets)
Hagin, Kenneth Bible Healing Study Course (5 books)
Morris, Robert Free Indeed (DVD set)
Morris, Robert Truly Free (1 book, 1 study guide, 1 DVD set)
Osborn, T.L. Healing The Sick (1 book)
Peretti, Frank The Wounded Spirit (complete study set)
RPI Publishing The Twelve Steps: A Spiritual Journey (1 working guide)
Sledge, Tim Moving Beyond Your Past ()7 books)
Sledge, Tim Making Peace With Your Past (10 books/1 leader’s guide)
Wommack, Andrew God Wants You Well (3-ring binder leaders’ guide/2 DVD sets)
Hyatt, Eddie 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity (2 books)
Barton, David The American Heritage Series (DVD series)
Barton, David Building on the American Heritage Series (DVD series)
Vander Laan, Ray With All Your Heart (2 books & 1 DVD series)
Cooper/Modesett/Strauss/Walton The Bible in 90 Days ( DVD set/1 Bible)
God The One Year Bible (6 copies)
God Assorted other Bibles
Maxwell, John C. Developing Leaders After God’s Own Heart (cassettes & leadership materials)
Maxwell, John C. Developing Leaders To Make A Difference (cassettes & leadership materials)
Maxwell, John C. The 21 Irrefutable Living Laws of Leadership (cassettes, study guide & student manual)
Wilkinson, Bruce The Vision of the Leader (VHS, leader’s guide & student workbook)
First Assembly 17 Small Group Weekly Lessons (from July 3 – Oct. 7, 2007)
First Assembly Believers Who Care Lessons (3 sets)
Arp, David & Claudia 10 Great Dates (DVDs)
Arp, David & Claudia The Second Half of Marriage (2 VHSs, leader’s guide & 21 books)
Beall, Cindy Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken (1 book)
Bevere, John & Lisa The Story of Marriage
Chapman, Gary The 5 Love Languages (2 books)
Cole, Edwin Louis Communication, Sex & Money (4 VHSs)
Dinkmeyer & Carlson Time For A Better Marriage (2 workbooks)
Eggerichs, Dr. Emerson Love & Respect (5 DVDs, 4 books)
Evans, Jimmy Our Secret Paradise (DVD set)
Evans, Jimmy The Fig Leaf Conspiracy (2 CDs/5 sessions)
Evans, Jimmy The Indestructible Marriage (3 DVDs/8 sessions + student worksheets for each session)
Evans, Jimmy Marriage on the Rock (DVD)
Evans, Jimmy Return to Intimacy (3 leaders’ guides/DVD set)
Evans, Jimmy & Karen Every Great Marriage (DVD)
Evans, Jimmy & Martin, Frank Blending Families (1 book & 1 DVD set)
Godrich, Dr. Leo & Molly Name: Care Couple Training Series (12 DVDs & 2 leadership manuals)
Groeschel, Craig & Amy From This Day Forward (DVD series)
Gungor, Mark Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage (2 DVD sets)
Kendrick, Stephen & Alex The Love Dare (6 books)
Leman, Dr. Kevin Making The Most Of Marriage (2 VHSs, 1 workbook, 3 leader guides & 1 poster)
McCluskey, Christopher & Rachel When Two Become One (3 books)
Outreach Fireproof Your Marriage (6 DVDs, leader’s guide & 13 student guides)
Parrott, Drs. Les & Leslie I Love You More (DVD)
Parrott, Drs. Les & Leslie Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (3 books)
Parrott, Drs. Les & leslie The Complete Resource Kit for Marriage Mentoring (DVD 10-sessions & 4 diff. books)
Sony Warroom (movie)
Stanley, Andy Staying In Love (3 participants’ guides/3 DVD sets)
Thomas, Gary Cherish (1 DVD set/1 book)
Tripp, Paul David What Did You Expect? (4 DVDs & 2 books)
Vaughn, Greg Marriage 101: Back to the Basics (1 DVD)
Arterburn/Luck Every Man, God’s Man (study guide)
Arterburn/Stoeker Every Young Man’s Battle (1 DVD, 1 book)
Arterburn/Stoeker Every Man’s Challenge (1 book)
Arterburn/Stoeker Preparing Your Son For Every Man’s Battle (1 book)
Arterburn/Stoeker Every Man’s Battle (1 book)
Dungy, Tony The Mentor Leader (DVD set)
Getz, Gene A. The Measure of a Man (3 DVDs/10 sessions (2 complete sets), leader DVD & 2 wkbks)
Groeschel Fight (5-week DVD series)
Lewis, Dr. Robert The Quest for Authentic Manhood (24 DVDs/leader DVD/3 workbooks)
Lewis, Dr. Robert 33 The Series (vol. 1 training guide from Authentic Manhood – 13 copies)
Ortlund, Ray The Master’ 12 Ordinary Men (4 cassettes)
Parrott, Drs. Les & Leslie Love Talk For Men (1 DVD, 1 book & 1 workbook) We have 2 copies of the DVD.
Roever, Dave Men of Destiny (1 DVD)
Wilkinson, Dr. Bruce Biblical Manhood Series
Wilkinson, Dr. Bruce Leading and Loving (12 books)
Kauflin, Bob Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God
Wommack, Andrew The Effects of Praise (3 DVDs) 2 complete sets
Wiles, Jeremy & Tiana Conquer Series: The Battle Plan for Purity (2 study guides)
Wilkinson, Dr. Bruce Personal Holiness in times of Temptation (1 VHS & 8 workbooks)
Bevere, Lisa Purity’s Power (4 VHSs (3 complete sets & #2 from another set) & 4 DVDs)
6 Moms Hope & Help for the Single Mom (DVD set)
Little, Lori 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom (2 books, 1 DVD set)
Church Initiative Single & Parenting (Leader Kit,4 DVDs/13 sessions, 2 ldr’s guides, 15 workbooks, etc.)
Ingram, Chip Your Divine Design (5 sm. grp. Study guides/8 books)
Gospel Publishing House Living In The Spirit (lessons 2-8)
Anderson, Neil The Bondage Breaker (1 workbook/1 DVD)
Arterburn/Gallucci Road Warrior (1 book)
Christianity Today With God in the Garden (2 manuals)
Clarensau/Hazer Give Them What They Want (1 book)
Coleman Jr., Lucien E. How to Teach the Bible (1 book)
Danke, Frederick W. Multipurpose Tools for Bible Study (1 book)
Donahue, Bill Equipping Life-Changing Leaders (CD or DVD?)
Drain, Wayne/Lane, Tom He Still Speaks (1 book + 3 leader guides)
Fee/Stuart How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth
Hendricks, Dr. Howard G. The 7 Laws Of The Teacher (2 VHSs, 1 course notebk & 1 leaders’ guide)
Baldwin, Barbara Warfield Dear Soldier: Heartfelt Letters from America’s Children (1 book)
Calvary Church Koinonia: True Community (3 DVDs, P. Cal’s notes, 32small group study guides)
Cantrell & Dean Down Range to Iraq and Back (1 book)
Kay, Ellie Heroes at Home (1 book)
Leach, Tom Compel Them To Come In (1 book)
Roever, Dave From Tragedy to Triumph (1 DVD)
Barnes & Torelli Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry (1 Companion Wkbk, 9 books)
Bevere, Lisa More Hours In My Day (2 books)
Big Dream Ministries The Amazing Collection (on Pastor Sharon’s back wall)
Curtis Higgs, Liz Bad Girls of the Bible (1 DVD set)
Curtis Higgs, Liz Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible (1 book/1 DVD set)
Eldredge, John & Stasi Captivating (3 books)
George, Elizabeth A Woman After God’s Own Heart (complete DVD series)
Heald, Cynthia Becoming A Woman Of Faith (1 book)
Moore, Beth Stepping Up – 4 DVDs/6 sessions (3 complete sets+1 DVD of #1 & 2 DVDs of #s 3 & 4)
Moore, Beth Stepping Up – 2 bonus DVDs/33 wkbks/1 leaders’ guide
Moore, Beth The Inheritance (DVD set & DVD study guide)
O’Martian, Stormie The Power of a Praying Woman (DVD/leader guide/workbook)
Parrott, Drs. Les & Leslie Love Talk (workbook for women) – 3 copies
Roberts, Diane Betrayal & Beyond (DVD/wkbk I – 4 copies/wkbk 2 – 1 copy/wkbk 3 – 1 copy/xtra materials)
Stoeker, Fred & Brenda Every Heart Restored (3 books)
Terkeurst, Lysa Made to Crave (2 DVDs)
Troccoli/Lofare Spaghetti for the Soul (DVD)
Wilkinson, Dr. Bruce The Heart That Makes A Home (2 VHSs & 21 workbooks)