In 1926, a group of people who were hungry to help people Experience Jesus and Live Like Him founded First Assembly. That same passion to introduce people to Christ is reflected in all we do today. We want to bring our friends, co-workers, and neighbors into a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ.

This motivates us to put our best foot forward in all that we do. We live in a world where the look and feel of a place influences the decisions people make – even about church and what it means to connect with God.

More than ever, families want to entrust their children to safe, kid-friendly environments. It’s in our heart to eliminate every barrier between people and Jesus. This means updating our facilities to let people know we care about them and their families.

Over 220,000 people live in Cass and Clay Counties alone, and just over 178,000 do not attend church. God has called us to reach them! Remodeling portions of our children’s wing and adding a lobby to service our largest parking lot sends a welcoming message to our church family and guests alike.

We exist to help more people experience Jesus and live like Him.

We see ourselves as a regional church producing disciples to influence the world.

We engage people through participation in worship services, Groups, and ministry involvement.

Culture is about how we treat each other as we do God’s work. Culture determines what kind of disciples we are making. We shape our culture by what we create and what we tolerate. Ours is characterized by:
A Culture Driven by Biblical Values: The Bible is the foundation of everything we do.    
Biblical truth is our guide in all areas of faith and practice. Therefore, we follow biblical principles in our relationships.
A Culture of Honor: We enthusiastically participate in what God desires to do in people.
Because we honor God above all else, we are passionate about helping people Experience Jesus and Live Like Him. Knowing that God has redemptive purposes for each person, we are attracted to, celebrate, and participate in what God is doing and has done in others.

A Culture of Connection: We prize and protect relationships as the ultimate bond among God and people.
God loves us so much that He gave His Son to restore our relationship with Him and build healthy relationships with others. Our relational connections with others are the conduits through which we minister to one another. We keep our relationships with God and others healthy.
A Culture of Encouragement: We provide encouraging opportunities for people to express their God-given purpose.  
Everyone is designed to serve God and others. Our ministry teams are structured to help people transition into areas of fruitful ministry. We raise up people who are contributors to the cause of Christ.